About us


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We are a cultural association on paper and a group of friends on the road.
We love travelling slow on bycicles, discovering new spaces, cultures and communities.

CicloCinema was born in 2018 from an idea developed by Andrea and Federico Bertoldi. Today, a team of 11 volunteers works behind the first pedal-powered travelling cinema, taking care of everything from equipment maintenance to content creation.

The programming of the films is taken care of by the CicloCinema team, composed
in part by graduates of the Zelig documentary film school in Bolzano. We choose films produced by small production companies that represent our values.

If you would like to join us for the next tour or support the project, please contact us!


Andrea Bertoldi

Graduated at the Zelig film school in Bolzano, professional camera operator and passionate bike traveller.

Federico Bertoldi

Electronics engineer by profession, cycle traveller by vocation, both on flat and mountainous terrain.