Become a sponsor of CicloCinema. We communicate sustainability across the board, we are much more than a “green event”!


Learn more about what supporting us means 👇🏻

We reach a wide audience and engage them in a unique and memorable experience.

Supporting us means conveying an image of social and environmental responsibility, promoting sustainable mobility, and film culture. Not only do we communicate these concepts, but we also practice them as a truly zero-emission event.

As a sponsor, your business will receive visibility through both our online and offline channels. We are active online on our website and major social networks, while offline we will be able to showcase your brand on the big screen and through our events.


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During our tours, we capture photos and videos that portray our experience, allowing even those who couldn’t be there in person to be part of it. We offer our partners the opportunity to showcase their products or promote their region with high-quality content.

By supporting CicloCinema, we will take your brand with us. Let’s reach new destinations together, and connect with new people that share our vision. We are open to any kind of support, but we are looking especially for long-term collaborations


How it works

The project is carried out by a group
of young people who are passionate about cinema and cycling, and transport everything needed for eco-sustainable screenings on their bicycles’ racks and trailers.

Once the cyclists arrive at the screening location, the bikes are fitted onto special cyclogenerators, and the audience actively participates in the project. In fact, it is up to the spectators to pedal and generate the energy needed to power the screening.

Can you do a screening during my event?

Sure, we can! You choose the location, and we take care of everything needed for a pedal-powered projection. We are also available to suggest some possible films that we could project. Please not that we are based in Trento, in the north of Italy. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Which films are shown?

We choose films produced by small production companies that represent our values. For example, the animated film ‘Les Triplettes de Belleville‘ and the adventure film ‘Janapar – Love on a bike‘ were among the most popular with audiences, but we have many other suggestions or we are ready to listen to yours 🙂 

The CicloCinema team, made up in part of graduates from the Zelig film school in Bolzano, is responsible for the programming of the films.

Do you have sponsor packages?

At the moment, we do not have set sponsor packages – we are completely flexible according to the needs of our partners. We cooperate with companies working in the field of sustainable mobility promotion, tourism promotion and other companies active in the field of cycling, and we know they can have very different needs.


For any information, do not hesitate to get in touch!
We are looking forward to hearing from you.