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The pedal powered nomadic cinema

We are a team of bicycle travelers, carrying everything needed for an outdoor movie screening. We aim at communicating environmental and social sustainability, while celebrating  spaces, cultures and slowness.

The project

A pedal-powered and self-supported nomadic cinema to promote film culture and to support the use of bicycles. CicloCinema needs ten bicycles, connected to special cycle generators, to power an outdoor cinema. A company of friends, bicycle travellers, travels from one village to another using bicycles as a means of transport, carrying everything necessary to set up the projection. In the evening, the audience is actively involved in the project: it is up to the spectators to pedal and power the projection – an exchange of positive energy!

How it works

We transport by bike everything necessary for
self-powered outdoor projections.
But how exactly do we do this?

Last summer we used

  • two “Bob” trolleys
  • two cargo bikes;
  • many bags on the racks of our bikes.

In this way we transported:

  • 10 cycle generators;
  • an inverter with battery;
  • a projector;
  • a sound system;
  • a ‘screen’ for projecting.

Come funziona

Trasportiamo in bici tutto il necessario per effettuare le proiezioni auto-alimentate.
Ma come facciamo esattamente?

La scorsa estate abbiamo usato:

  • due carrellini “Bob”;
  • due cargo bike;
  • tante borse sui portapacchi delle nostre biciclette.

In questo modo abbiamo trasportato: 

  • 10 ciclogeneratori;
  • un inverter con batteria
  • un proiettore;
  • un sistema audio;
  • un telo “a schermo” per proiettare

Ready to pedal?

Would you like to ride with us? Would you like to bring CicloCinema to your region? Follow us to keep up to date with the latest news and if you have any questions please contact us, we will try to answer you as quickly as possible.

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